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We develop stunning mobile applications! Stand out of the crowd!

Programming mobile apps

Native applications or hybrid for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Everything is at only one click distance!

Connection to your platform

Connect your brand new application to your Wordpress blog or other websites and share your story in real time!

Sell online from the app

Now you can sell your products directly from the app! Give discounts, sell products, make customers happy!

Webdal Mobile Applications

Plan ahead

Develop your own business in an unique way! Share your thoughts with us and see how an app can attract more customers.

Google Analytics

Connect your app to Google Analytics. That way you never loose track of your customers and their behavior.

Payment methods

Integrate in your app payment systems such as: bank payment, Paypal, Bitcoin, payment on delivery etc.

History behind Webdal

Webdal® is a company based in Bucharest which develops websites and mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Some reasons why many switched to Webdal® is because either they had difficulties with freelancers, companies asked for huge amounts of time needed to accomplish the tasks, prices were ridiculously high compared to the quality, or simply the quality was not good enough. We struggle every moment to maintain the prices for web design and programming at rational standards and provide to our customers exactly the quality that they expect from us.

Web development, CRM development, SEO, online marketing, webdesign and vectorial design are only a few of the things we can do for you. With over 12 years of experience in the domain and ballanced workflow, Webdal® can provide to every customer exactly what is expected!

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  • We develop high-standard websites and designs, helping our customers to tell their stories in an unique way! Coding quality, seo-friendly and responsive layouts are just a few aspects to mention. And search engines such as Google are loving the high quality! We develop CMS/ERP systems and standalone websites.
  • We develop platforms (Content Management Systems or abbreviated CMS) such as Wordpress & Joomla. The advantage of them is that the client can write his own content using an backend system, flexibility of the system and time needed to program it. Also, the power of an CMS can be extended using different extensions called plugin. So, in the case of Wordpress for example, adding WooCommerce plugin makes out of an Wordpress CMS system a real virtual marketplace. We develop these CMS systems and standalone plugins for them to increase the functionality of your websites.
  • Marketplace becomes bigger and bigger with applications for smartphones. Any reputable company saw the potential behind it and wanted to be closer to the customers with amazing apps describing their businesses. Not only that is flexible and customers can have it all the time with them, but also many are also marketing them.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the strategy used by developers & customers in order to create higher number of visits on their website from organic searches (eg. people landing after searching a specific keyword in Google). The strategy itself increases the traffic of the website and offers the possibility to monetize your website. There are two types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page means the optimization done on the website (content writing, SEO structure, and so on), while off-page means advertising outside of the website (shares on social networks, backlinks and so on).
  • We know how important is the visual aspect of your website or mobile application. In fact, that is what it generates the first impression. If someone likes how it looks your page, then is very possible to stay for longer period and even come back. Thats a fact. At Webdal® we have specialized designers with over 15 years of experience. We can help you as well with vectorial design. Lets give you some examples: banners, flyers, prints on different materials, web logos, and so on.
  • We provide maintenance to operating systems such as Windows & Linux based systems. You have servers and you need a specialized team in maintenance? Or you have desktops and you want to make sure there is a team prepared to help you in any moment? We offer maintenance eather remotely or on your location. Ask for an offer using the contact form!

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We know how important is SEO for each of our customers and rarely you get the possibility to assign a team to analyze an website. With Webdal, this is 100% possible. Generate your report now!

Why you should choose Webdal?

Quality and hard work. This is what defines Webdal® as a company. With over 11 years in webdesign and web programming, we struggle to offer high quality to each of our clients. Because we know that a happy client will recommend our work.

Nonetheless, Webdal® collaborates with international companies as well, some from Germany, Switzerland, Spain and other european countries. We try to use our experience internationally and companies that worked with us appreciated the work we done for them. Because we shown already quality, precision, motivation and desire to improve our work.

  • High quality work
  • Capacity to accomplish tasks before the deadline
  • Team work and team spirit
  • Never promised something that we couldn't keep
  • Over 11 years of experience in webdesign
  • Over 15 years of experience in graphic & vectorial design
  • Low prices for all the budgets

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  • Tania Nicolau

    I open heartedly recommend Webdal – Their services are high quality, they are fast to deliver, careful to meet client’s needs, even make the kind of suggestions which are the most pertinent, adequate or exigent. I personally have appreciated the particularly coherent structure that they suggested me.

    — Tania Nicolau, president of Association for Intercultural Dialog NGO
  • Corina Dumitrache

    Price offer which is personalized according to my needs and wishes, performance quality and also promptness, carefulness and respect towards client and not in the least perfect quality and functioning of website are their key advantages. My gratitude to Webdal!

    — Corina Dumitrache
  • Maria Neacsu

    I was quite reluctant in the beginning; I thought the offer-price ratio was too good to be realistic. Now I can say that the quality-price ratio exceeded even the most optimistic expectations I have had. I dearly recommend them!

    — Maria Neacsu, blogger & jurnalist

Web development plans

These are orientative - not limited to - plans for which you can opt. Contact us for any other requests today!

Startup Landing page

  • CMS system (Wordpress)
  • 3-5 pages
  • FREE 2 months Support
  • FREE logo design
  • FREE design
  • Delivery: 1 working week
  • Mobile application (optional)

Startup online shop

  • CMS system (Wordpress)
  • WooCommerce config.
  • FREE 3 months Support
  • FREE Payment config.
  • FREE design
  • Delivery: > 2 working week
  • Mobile application (optional)

Standalone landingpage

  • Standalone website
  • 1-6 pages
  • FREE 3 months Support
  • FREE logo design
  • FREE design
  • Delivery: > 4 working week
  • Mobile application (optional)

Extended support

  • Backup & Recovery
  • Updates & Maintenance
  • Skype support
  • Free actualization of existing information
Methods of contact

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